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School Project :

Education project to the Image

The importance of "forcing" students to observe everything around them, distinguishing the beautiful from the ugly, as in this case, but also from the little big, the tall short relief from the smooth, or judging forms and the size of buildings and objects seen in perspective, we live in society, is crucial.

The kids today are bombarded almost exclusively of pictures, television, internet, mobile phones, billboards, newspaper advertisements, which often distort reality in which they live, real images that should observe the landscapes, for example, end up being deleted from the music on headphones and video games.

is that careful image education, carried out in curricular time, can fill in the gaps of these, going to improve not only the visual language, even the verbal.

The experience of the project for pupils concludes with developing and printing black and white, the traditional way.

Lorenzo Galeotti Zaccarello works in schools teaching photography from the school 1997-1998.